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The majority of our combat is fully competitive. We aim to re-create the technical aspects of medieval warfare as accurately as possible, whilst adhering to a set of rules that keep everybody safe from serious injury.

We also practice show fighting, which is a theatrical form of combat designed to look visually dynamic. This is used similar to styles of fighting used in film, theatre, and is often used as a component of public displays.

We fight with a wide range of weapons, including spears, swords, axes and Dane axes, seax knives, bows, javelins and more. Our battles can range from small skirmishes of a dozen or so warriors at small local events, to epic clashes between armies numbering in the hundreds at large national events with Regia Anglorum.

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Regia Anglorum mantains a fleet of Viking longships, and arranges regular sailing weekends where you can learn to row and sail like a Viking.


These ships have been used in numerous TV programs including Game of Thrones, Vikings, and A History of Britain.


They also play an important role in many of our national shows, where we stage ship burials and re-create aspects of maritime life.


As part of Regia Anglorum we are privileged to be part of the Wychurst project in Kent. The site is home to an Anglo-Saxon manorial burh, complete with long hall and forge, surrounded by an imposing gated palisade.

Wychurst is an ongoing project, and new building work is always under way. Currently members are helping to build a new cookhouse using traditional building techniques.

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Re-enactment is a fantastic outlet for creativity, amongst our own members we have woodworkers, leather workers, textile producers, and scribes.

We also arrange group craft days for activities such as basket weaving, net making, jewellery casting, and kit making and maintenance.

There are also opportunities to learn crafts from other re-enactors in the Regia Anglorum community, including blacksmiths, weavers, and carpenters.


As members of Regia Anglorum, members of Grantanbrycg have access to horse riding training sessions.


These sessions teach participants how to ride and fight on horseback, and are suitable for all skill-levels. They are extremely fun, and mounted combat displays provide a great spectacle at national shows.

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Get Involved

Want to get involved? Whether you're interested in living history, combat, or experimental archaeology, there's something for everyone!


Reach out to us to arrange a trial session or to find out more.

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