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The name Grantanbrycg is the Old English name for Cambridge, and means "bridge over the river Granta".  For several decades we have been re-creating Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Norman culture for audiences in East Anglia, the United Kingdom and abroad.

What we do

Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of historical crafts and professions from the early medieval period, including weaving, leather work, manuscript illumination, cooking and agriculture, trading, and more.


We also bring to life the gruesome reality of early medieval warfare through our warriors. Armed with spears, swords, axes and more, they take to the battlefield to defend their homes, exact revenge on old enemies, or win fame and glory in the mead hall!


We are based in Cambridgeshire, and are part of the international parent organisation Regia Anglorum. As members of Regia Anglorum we have access to an authentic Anglo-Saxon long hall and manorial estate in Kent.

Learn about blacksmithing, woodworking, textile production,  and many more.

Upcoming Events

Get Involved

Want to get involved? Whether you're interested in living history, combat, or experimental archaeology, there's something for everyone!


Reach out to us to arrange a trial session or to find out more.

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